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Thumbnail picture of School Employees

School Employees

School employees  having a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more in increments of £10,000:


Thumbnail picture of Mrs Fay Hartland

Mrs Fay Hartland

Head Teacher

Mrs Hartland is the Headteacher. She teaches Y2, Y3, Y4 and Y5.

Thumbnail picture of  Miss Leanne Little

Miss Leanne Little

Class teacher

Miss Little is currently working as our Reception and Year 1 teacher.  She often teaches all the children.

Thumbnail picture of Miss Charlotte Hickie

Miss Charlotte Hickie

Class Teacher

Miss Hickie teaches all the children but particularly Reception and Year 1

Thumbnail picture of Mrs Leanne Jones

Mrs Leanne Jones


Leanne works in the school office.  Leanne's hours are:

Monday              8.45 - 12.45
Tuesday             8.45 -  2.45
Wednesday        8.45 -  2.45
Thursday           8.45 -   1.45

Thumbnail picture of Mrs Michelle  Bond

Mrs Michelle Bond

Teaching assistant

Michelle runs Nursery with Amy Smith, our apprentice.  She also works very hard in all areas of school.  She helps with lunchtimes, playtimes, displays and everything else.  

Thumbnail picture of Miss Amy Smith

Miss Amy Smith


Amy works with Michelle and helps run Nursery.  Amy also works around  school.  

Thumbnail picture of Mr Bob Graham

Mr Bob Graham

Site manager

Bob keeps the school building safe and clean.